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<p>If you forgot your password, you can press "Forgot password?" Located below the password box to reset the password, the system will send a new password to the email you subscribe. * Sometimes the email may fall into the Spam folder, so check in. Spam folder with an email reset password to fall into it or not (If you have to click this email is not spam).</p>

Start by searching for the name of the store, restaurant or business you want to review. Type the name in the search box. The system will display it on the screen, and go to the profile page of the store. Click on “review” to write a review of the store, restaurant or business.

When you click on the button, “Write Review”, the screen will divide the topic accordingly. You are invited to score the business, and give it a star rating, where 5 is the highest. You are also invited to share your experiences with others. Other categories include: Price per head, estimated price per person, Suitable for anybody or any situation such as friends, family, couple, party, business trip, hunger, savings or fast food. You can also upload photos.

Click on the shop you want to edit. Modify the information, then find the edit button in the bottom left corner. Enter the correct information. Click Edit information. When you click enter, it will edit the basic information of the store, such as store name, address, phone number, food type, etc.