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ออกเดินทางตามหาหมอกหนาๆ และ ธรรมชาติสวยๆ ณ ห้วยน้ำดัง

Depart for the thick fog and beautiful nature at Huai Nam Dung

Huai Nam Dang National Park, is spread across Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai and Pai, Mae Hong Son. It covers a total area is about 179.5 square kilometers or 112,187.5 acres. The highlight of Huai Nam is the early morning atmosphere, where fog and light are mixed together in a dazzling display of nature. It is perhaps one of the coldest spots in Thailand, with very cold weather during the winter, andd cool weather all year round. For those who enjoy the bounteous nature of Northern Thailand, it provides a peaceful, uninhabited escape from Chiang Mai.